My experience with Git

Few days ago I came to know about git, so to give it a try I created an account on github. To those who doesn’t know much about it GIT is a fast version control system :). Since I’m using windows I’ve to download a git client, so the first google result that came on typing “git window” was “msysgit”. Msysgit comes with 2 options “gitbash” a command line utility and git ui so you can use any of them, for initial learning perspective I preferred GitBash.

I’ll not explain the concepts of git as there is lot of information available on the net

So first I’ve to create a remote repository. GitHub provides online project hosting using git, they have different plans as according to your needs. I’ve created a free account so I can create public repostiories, which means anybody can checkout the code and you can allow people to modify the code. If you want to create private repository then you have to create a paid account, they have multiple plans as per your need So my user at github is sandy724.

In next blog I will discuss how I’ve used GitBash for synching up the code with remote repository

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