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Build & Release Challenges : Problems

So here is the consolidated list of the problems that current system have, I've categorized all the issues in different categories so that they can be managed properly

CI BuildsCode stability builds are not in placeCode quality builds are not in placeCode deployment builds for non-prod environments not in placeA lot of manual steps in prod deploymentsAll the projects are performance critical so builds to do profiling of projectsDatabase updates is manual at all the stages of deploymentAutomated smoke testing of all the applicationsIntegration of bug tracking system with version control systemA release server needs to be set-upped so that release can be managed properlyNo documentation at all :)Version Control System : We are using git as version control systemBranching strategy has some flaws as a result of which merging takes a lot of timeWe don't have a GUI to manage git serverPrevNext

Build & Release Challenges

I was planning to write this blog 2-3 days back in fact not a blog but a blog series & this blog will be the starting of this blog series. This blog will only give you an overview what I'll be discussing in the coming blogs, first the reason why I'm writing this blog :) well the reason is I've changed the job :) and I'll be working as a Build & Release manager. The challenge that I've have is that right now their is very little or no streamlined processes defined for build and release and obvious very less automation so I've to work on these things. This means that in the coming blogs I'll be discussing various problems that I'll be facing & how to overcome that.