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Automated DB Updater Release First Release

Initial version of Automated DB Updater Release ADU

With this blog I'm releasing the intial version of a python utility to provide automated db updates across various environments for different components.

The code for this utility is hosted on github

You can clone the read only copy of this codebase by url given below

To understand the basic idea about this utility go thorugh this blog

How to use this utility
    Checkout the code at some directory, add the path of this directory in PYTHONPATH environment variable
    Create a database with a script's metadata table with given below ddl
CREATE TABLE `script_metadata` (
  `name` varchar(100) DEFAULT NOT NULL,
  `version` int(11) DEFAULT NOT NULL,
  `executed` tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  `env` varchar(30) DEFAULT NOT NULL,
  `releas` varchar(30) DEFAULT NOT NULL,
  `component` varchar(30)…

Automated DB Updater

In continuation with my blog series I'm finally introducing a automated db updater tool. You can read about the idea in previous blogs by going to below links

Manual DB Updates challenges
Manual DB Updates challenges-2

The short form of my tool is ADU(Automated DB Updater). Now some details about this tool

Each application will have database_script folder at the root level, this folder will contain folders corresponding to each release i.e release1, release2, release3...

A database release folder will contain
Meta file :sql_sequence.txt, this file will contain the sequence in which sql files will be executed, only files mentioned in this file will be entertainedSQL Files : A sql file must have a naming convention like this __.sql/__.sql
Process of automatic execution of scripts on an environment
Inputrelease_name : to figure out the folder from where scripts will be executedenvironment : Environment on which scripts will be executedExecutionsql_sequence.txt file will be read line by line…