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Attach a new volume to EC2 Instance

This blog will talk about how to mount a new volume to an existing EC2 instance, though it is very straightforward & simple, but it's good to have a checklist ready with you so that you can do things in one go instead of searching here and there. The most important thing to take note of in this blog is that you have to do couple of manual operations apart from mounting the volume through AWS Web UI.

Go to the AWS Volumes screen, create a new volume if not created already. Select Attach Volume in Actions button

Choose the instance, to which this volume needs to be mounted
Confirm the volume state changes from availableto in-use Go to the AWS Instances screen, select the EC2 instance to which volume was attached Check the Block Devices in the details section you can see the new volume details their. Let’s say it is mounted at /dev/sdf.

Now log in to the EC2 instance machine, you can’t see the mounted volume yet(it is like an external un-formatted hdd that is connected to a linux …