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A wrapper over linode python API bindings

Recently I've been working on automating the nodes creation on our Linode infrastructure, in the process I came across the Linode API and it's bindings. Though they were powerful but lacks at some places i.e:
In case of Linode CLI, while creating a linode you have to enter the root password so you can't achieve full automation. Also I was not able to find an option to add private ip to the linodeIn case of Linode API python binding you can't straight away create a running linode machine. Recently I've launched a new GitHub project, this project is a wrapper over existing python bindings of linode and will try to ease out the working with linode api. Currently using this project you can create a linode with 3 lines of code

from linode import Linode

You just need to have a property file,/data/linode/
UBUNTU_DIST=Ubuntu 12.04
KERNEL_LABEL=Latest 64 bit