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Chef-Cookbooks Roast it perfectly..

Introduction This is our first major step towards our learnings. We are now quite sound with the ABC’s of chef. Now we announce the most compelling facet of chef. Cookbooks are the most crucial segment of the chef’s kingdom. Nothing worth having comes easy, so kickoff with more efforts.
“A Real Test Of a Good Chef Is, Perfectly Roasted Chicken. julia child”
Wait wait wait !! fire your all cylinders but remember to breath. PrerequisitesThis article assumes that you are aware with the basics of Git and Vagrant. You know the basic functioning of chef and its recipes and resources. This article is written with centos7 platform. To know about chef follow our previous blogs of this series Chef Start here with ease.. . Get startedClone our git repo and fire up a vagrant box with this.
$ git clone
Go to Chef/centos/chefCookbooks directory. This directory contains a Vagrantfile, which can launch a centos7 vagrant machine with Chefdk and other essential tools inst…

Chef-Recipes Bake it calmly..

IntroductionThis is very crucial state of your learnings with chef. It's not easy to deposit that much of attention continuously so be calm and reassemble all your amplitude for the next bout. Straightway we are going to clash with chef-recipes. We will try to maintain the balance so we didn't feel overfed. “Never Eat More Then You Can Lift. Miss Piggy” (source: Prerequisites This article is written in consideration with centos as platform. We assume that you have basic understanding of Vagrant, Git and Chef-Resources. To know about chef resources follow our previous blogs of this series Chef Start here with ease.. . Get startedClone our git repository to create your learning vagrant environment.
$ git clone
Change your current directory to Chef/centos/chefRecipes. A vagrant file is present here with some bash provisioning to provide you a complete chef learning environment. $ cat Vagrantfile