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Kitchen Chef's diagnosis center

Introduction This time we familiarize you with the backings of chef kitchen. Chef kitchen provides you facility of trial and verification of your cookbooks over different  environment so that you can confidently use  them on your targeted infrastructure. This may be getting boring some times but here is always some seeds in oranges.   PrerequisitesThis blog requires an initial information about Git and Vagrant. This blog uses centos7   as platform. It needs basic understanding of chef, it's cookbooks and chef kitchen. To know about chef cookbooks and work with  chef kitchen follow our previous blogs of this series Chef Start here with ease...

Setup KitchenTo setup kitchen chase same procedure as we cater in our previous blog Chef-Kitchen  Do it simply . Backings of  KitchenChef kitchen is the diagnosis center of chef.  Here  you can test the authenticity of your cookbooks on different platforms and confidently use them on your infra. Kitchen achive this by using its configuration f…

Chef-Kitchen Do it simply..

If you are from agile background you would be already aware about the importance of testing your code as you develop. As DevOps SCM tools are maturing where we try to have our complete infrastructure as code it becomes a dire necessity to have our infrastructure code to be tested as well. In this blog I'll showcase how I'm using the testing capability of Chef to test our Chef code. PrerequisitesThis blog assumes that you have a basic understanding of Chef, Docker, Git and Vagrant. This blog is written in consideration with centos as platform. You can follow same procedure for ubuntu with some basic changes.
Setup Kitchen Clone from our github repository to spin up a vagrant with kitchen and other chef tools.
$ git clone
Go to testkitchen directory.  
$ cd  Chef/centos/testkitchen

This directory includes a Vagrantfile, a cookbook and a knife.rb file.

View vagrantfile for provisioning. This Vagrantfile have some basic vagrant provisioning with shell.