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Classless Inter Domain Routing Made Easy (Cont..)

Introduction :As we had a discussion  about Ip addresses and their classes in the previous blog,we can now start with Sub-netting.
Network Mask /Subnet Mask -As mask means to cover something, IP Address is made up of two components, One is the network address and the other is the host address.The Ip Address needs to be separated into the network and host address, and this separation of network and host address in done by Subnet Mask.The host part of an IP Address is further divided into subnet and host address if more subnetworks are needed and this can be done by subnetting. It is called as a subnet mask or Network mask as it is used to identify network address of an IP address by performing a bitwise AND operation on the netmask.
Subnet Mask is of 32 Bit and is used to divide the network address and host addresses of an IP. In a Subnet Mask all the network bits are set to 1’s and all the host bits are set to 0’s. Whenever we see an IP Address - We can easily Identify that WHAT I…