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Forward and Reverse Proxy

Overview Before talking about forward proxy and reverse proxy let's talk about what is the meaning of proxy.
Basically proxy means someone or something is acting on behalf of someone.
In the technical realm, we are talking about one server is acting behalf of the other servers.

In this blog, we will talk about web proxies. So basically we have two types of web proxies:-

Forward ProxyReverse Proxy The forward proxy is used by the client, for example:- web browser, whereas reverse proxy is used by the server such as web server. Forward Proxy In Forward Proxy, proxy retrieves data from another website on the behalf of original requestee. For example:- If an IP is blocked for visiting a particular website then the person(client) can use the forward proxy to hide the real IP of the client and can visit the website easily.
Let's take another example to understand it more clearly. For example, we have 3 server
Client                      -> Your computer from which you are sending …