Monday, October 22, 2018

How to launch an ECS instance in Alibaba cloud

This blog introduces you to ECS service provided by Alibaba cloud. 
After reading this blog you will be able to deploy your own ECS instance in no time.

What is ECS?
Elastic Compute Service is a type of computing service, ECS is simple and
more efficient than physical servers. We can create instances, change the OS and modify 
any number of ECS instances at any time. An ECS instance is a virtual computing
environment that includes CPU, memory, and other computing components.

If you have already used AWS then you can compare ECS with EC2.

What are the advantages of ECS?


Cloud provider's job is to monitor security, most of the businesses don't like to openly 
consider possibility of internal data theft, but the truth is that high percentage of data thefts 
occur internally and are done by employees.


Cloud providers are now days present in most of the continents and countries. So, if you 
want to deploy your application in a particular region, you can easily do it with help of most 
of the cloud providers.


Cloud providers allow you to easily modify your IT requirements as and when required. 
This will allow you to support your business growth without expensive changes to your 
existing IT systems.

Before creating an instance you must create a security group and key pair.

What is security group?

Security groups are associated with ECS instances and provide security at the protocol and 
port access level. Each security group working much the same way as a firewall – contains 
a set of rules that filter traffic coming into and out of an ECS instance. Security groups made
 in a particular region, will only be available in that region.

How to create a security group in Alibaba cloud?

1. Log on to the ECS console.
2. In the left-side navigation pane, select “Networks and Security” 
and then “Security Groups”.

3. Click “Create Security Group”.
4. In the Create Security Group dialog box, complete the following configurations:

  • Template: If the instances in the security group are for Web server deployment. 
  • Select proper template to simplify security group rule configuration.
  •  Security Group Name: Specify a valid security group name. 
  • Description: Give a brief description to the security group for future management.
  • Network Type:

    • To create a classic network-connected security group, select Classic.
A classic network is majorly deployed in the public infrastructure of 
Alibaba Cloud, which is responsible for its planning and management.

    • To create a VPC-connected security group, select VPC and then a specific VPC.
VPCs are isolated networks established in Alibaba Cloud and logically 
isolated from each other. You can customize the topology and 
IP addresses in a VPC.

    5.    Click OK to save the rule.

What is SSH key?

Secure Shell is a cryptographic network protocol for operating network services 
securely over an unsecured network. The standard TCP port for SSH is 22. The best known 
example application is for remote login to computer systems by users.

How to create key pair in Alibaba cloud?

1. Log on to the ECS console.
2. In the left-side navigation pane, select “Networks and Security” and then “SSH Key Pair”.
3. On the SSH Key Pairs page, click “Create SSH Key Pair”.
4. On the Create SSH Key Pair page, enter a name for the key pair, and select Auto-Create 
SSH Key Pair.

How to create ECS instance in Alibaba cloud?

1. Log in to Alibaba cloud console.

2. Select “Elastic Cloud Service” and then select “Instance”.

3. Click on “Create Instance”.

4. Choose the billing method, region, instance type, image and storage.
Billing method - There are two billing methods. 

1. Subscription - You can choose subscription if you want to use the instance for 
a month or a year.
2. Pay as you go - In this method you will be billed on hourly basis. 

Region - It defines in which region and availability zone you want to deploy your instance. 

Instance type - It lets you choose the configuration of your instance ie number of CPU’s and 
amount of RAM required. 

Image - It lets you select the Operating system and its version. 

Storage - Allocate the required amount of disk space.

After completing all the above, click on “Next: Networking”.

5. In Networking select the VPC and VSwitch, assign public IP, select security group

VPC - A virtual private cloud is a virtual network dedicated to your account. 
It is logically isolated from other virtual networks in the Cloud.

VSwitch - It is nothing but a subnet of the network.

Public IP - It is the IP address with which you can access your instance.

Security group - It is a logical group that assorts instances in the same region 
with the same security requirements. Each instance belongs to 
at least one security group, which must be specified at the 
time of creation.

After completing all the above click on “Next: System Configuration”.

6. In System Configurations select the key pair that you have created earlier and 
fill the instance name, description and host.

7. Click on Preview and then Create Instance.
8. After instance has been created you can log into the instance using pem file.
9. Open the terminal and type the command -

    ssh -i your_key_file.pem root@ip_address




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