OpsTree, OpsTree Labs & BuildPiper: Our Short Story…

short story on Opstree, Opstree Labs and Buildpiper

It’s been more than 6 years since we began the evolution Journey called OpsTree. What a Journey it has been, we cannot thank God and the co-travellers more!! 

In 2014 we realized – Cloud and DevOps had arisen in the IT landscape while the industry was still waking up to it. We decided to wake up early and be ready and equipped – aspiring that industry could “Rely on us” – to navigate them comfortably in the realm DevSecOps. 

As we look back today we have had our fair share of success. It is not in our DNA to be satisfied as dissatisfaction fuels our persistent desire to toil to evolve, but at times we pause to thank and express gratitude towards our co-travellers. This is one such moment : We want to thank all our Employees, Ex- Employees, Partners/Customers, Well Wishers (there are many of them) who have made OpsTree what it is today.

The Inflection Point

In mid of 2015 another renaissance had started to validate itself – the containerization revolution. In the era of  Next-Gen Digital Platforms and Tools; Speed, Agility and Adaptability became the defining characteristics. Oh yes you are right!! It marked the triumph of micro services – because “Small is Powerful”.

From POCs to real implementation – we saw that deep desire and compulsion for businesses to adopt micro service Architecture. Some of our partners ended up having more micro services than the number of developers in their team. The energy was edging towards over-enthusiasm. 

The challenge

And during that time, we saw largely all of them hitting a huge roadblock: “how to ensure that these cogs of the wheel – small powerful services – run and live with each other happily. How do we monitor and manage them? How do we solve complex problems with these highly distributed architectures but still keep it simple and efficient? OpsTree started to focus on solving this complex puzzle. We were also new to the game, but our strong technique and solid DevSecOps fundamentals enabled us to play well and one after another, better than before, we started spinning DevOps platforms that delivered great outcomes for our clients. These platforms were enabling the individual micro-services to work together as a team and deliver the magic they were supposed to, for the customers !

BuildPiper & OpsTree Labs

We saw an emerging pattern which was repeatable across these implementations. Additionally, It was complex and cumbersome to build the platform again and again and it required a huge amount of resources, time and money to build DevSecOps platform for micro services delivery over and over again and thus the notion of ‘BuildPiper’ came into being (www.buildpiper.io). A Micorservice app delivery platform having 4 robust pillars

  1. Managed Microservices
  2. Managed Delivery Pipelines
  3. Managed Kubernetes
  4. Security, Compliance and Observability

We are happy that BuildPiper is receiving very good feedback from existing and potential customers.

Who we are

We do not desire to be known as a Service or a Product company. We would like to be known as a company which never stopped evolving. 

Our constant propensity to be a little better today than we were yesterday has brought us here and this propensity alone should continue to drive us and nothing else!!

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