Monthly Newsletter (June’21)

Hello from OpsTree

A niche Cloud & DevSecOps transformation partner!

We are a huge fan of Kubernetes, Microservices & all things DevSecOps. Here, in this monthly newsletter, we share our learnings and experiences with these technologies. 

The Challenges of a Microservices Journey

Microservices can save us from ‘we sail together or sink together’ paradigm of Monoliths. But with the increased modularity and a promise of faster time-to-market, comes along a unique set of challenges. While failures are inevitable, we can either plan to ring-fence them OR allow them to create a domino effect! Read more..

Redis on Kubernetes – Get started with this OpenSource utility

Production grade Redis setup and configuration on Kubernetes made extremely efficient with our Opensource Redis operator. Inbuilt monitoring with Prometheus exporter, dynamic storage provisioning with pvc template, SecurityContext to manipulate kernel parameters, and many other key functionalities make it widely popular. Explore further..

Cloud Security – An OpenSource Audit utility

Review & validate the security controls and configurations across AWS, Azure & GCP infrastructure. With this utility, we help leverage current open source tools capabilities and have other missing checks added into one tool to provide a consolidated view of the cloud security posture. Explore further..

Kubernetes Management made easy

Kubernetes is creating great excitement across the technology community, but how can the tech products and their developers derive value and increased productivity by adopting it? There arises a need for a platform to deploy, scale, monitor, and securely manage the containerized applications on Kubernetes Read more..

Btw, we’re just a call/email away, if you want to discuss any of your Cloud, DevSecOps, Containerisation challenges!

Until Next Month [👋]

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