Monthly Newsletter (July’21)

Hola! Greetings from OpsTree

A niche Cloud & DevSecOps transformation partner

We have always worked towards continuously enhancing our capabilities and expertise across Microservices, Kubernetes, Cloud & DevSecOps. Here, in this newsletter, we’re excited to share our learnings and experiences with these technologies!

Best Practices For Deploying Microservices

Tech giants like Airbnb, Disney, Dropbox, and Goldman Sachs have seen development lead times cut by as much as 75 percent when using Microservices optimally. However, there are always certain complexities associated with deploying microservices on Kubernetes Read more…

A Comprehensive Guide to Microservices

Microservices have lately been a topic of interest across the industry and there is always more to know about them. Explore our new Ebook to understand some of the challenges, use cases, and approaches to leverage Microservices for a scalable and efficient tech product. Get your copy today!

Do check out the recording of our Prometheus Workshop from Last Month

Making Kubernetes – Microservice Application Ready

BuildPiper by OpsTree is a Kubernetes & Microservices Application Delivery Platform that enables product and engineering teams to benefit from 10x reduced time & investments required for your Microservices deployment journey. Take a look at how we are transforming the Microservices application delivery landscape with BuildPiper watch this video!

Kubernetes Log Management made easy with this Open-Source Utility

A golang based CRD operator to set up and manage the logging stack. This tool helps you seamlessly create a log monitor for Kubernetes using EFK stack with best practices included out of the box. Explore further…

Btw, we’re just a call/email away, if you want to discuss any of your Cloud, DevSecOps, Containerisation challenges!

Until Next Month [👋]

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