The Rise of Service Mesh!

What is a Service Mesh?

A service mesh helps in monitoring and controlling how different parts of an application share data with each other. It is a configurable infrastructure layer that is built right into the app. This visible dedicated infrastructure layer can track and record how well the different parts of an app are interacting. This helps in identifying issues and making it easier to optimize communication and avoid downtime as an app grows. A service mesh ensures that the communication among the services within the containerized infrastructure is fast, reliable, and secure.

Benefits of Deploying a Service Mesh!

Deploying a service mesh helps in preventing downtime as an app scales and grows. It provides comprehensive visibility, resilience, traffic, and security control of services with little or no change to the existing code. This frees the developers from the pains of building new codes to address networking issues.

Using a service mesh offers a number of benefits that include,


With its extraordinary capabilities of monitoring, tracing and providing service-level visibility, a service mesh renders in-depth insights and granular observability into distributed services.


A service mesh guarantees well-monitored and authorized handling of encryption practices and access control rules. It helps in controlling traffic spanning the environment thus building a robust security infrastructure.


A service mesh helps in routing and controlling the network traffic flow to determine where the request for the services is routed.

Popular Service Mesh technologies!

There are several service mesh technologies that help in tracing events and monitoring services. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular service mesh technologies being used in the industry these days,

  • Istio
  • Linkerd
  • Envoy
  • Conduit

How can BuildPiper help?

Integrating with some of the best industry-standard tools such as ISTIO, Kiali and JaegerBuildPiper enables seamless, scalable and highly secured Microservices deployment. In addition to this, BuildPiper’s support for a hassle-free and quick setup of ISTIO and ISTIO Gateway makes it a best-in-class platform to manage Microservices.

With ingrained product functionalities like Managed Kubernetes, Managed Microservices, Secured CI/CD Pipelines, Security, Observability & Compliance-BuildPiper has come up as the Most Powerful & Reliable Microservices Delivery Platform in the industry today!

Explore other interesting and out-of-the-box functionalities of this platform. Schedule a demo today!

Wrapping it All!

It’s important for enterprises to invest in the right tools and an effective Microservices management platform that can reduce the complexity of deploying a service mesh and enable smooth & secure Microservices application delivery.

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