Monthly Newsletter (October’21)

We have always worked towards continuously enhancing our capabilities and expertise across Microservices, Kubernetes, Cloud & DevSecOps. Here, in this newsletter, we’re excited to share our learnings and experiences with these technologies!

What’s Trending!

WhitePaper ‘Application Modernization’

This white paper will help you to discover what application modernization is, the benefits, its challenges, how to get started with app modernization, and more. Download White Paper!

Open-source ‘K8s Vault Webhook’

An open-source tool from OpsTree for secrets management!. A Kubernetes webhook that can inject secrets into Kubernetes resources by connecting to multiple secret managers. Go ahead leverage the opportunity!

‘How To Write Effective Docker File’- Watch Our Mini-Workshop On YouTube

Hear from our Thought Leaders

It’s Time To Manage Your Kubernetes Secrets!

When it comes to Kubernetes Secrets, people always have many questions & notions. So let’s find out how can we efficiently manage them!

Helm Charts – Explained!

These are the fundamental questions which many of us have…What are Helm charts?, How does it help with Kubernetes? What does it have to do with YAML?. It’s time to clear all of such doubts!



AWS Cloudwatch

Saturday, September 23th, 10 AM IST

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