Fresh Service – MY Experience with Analytics & Workflow Automator Features

Fresh service is a ticketing tool mainly used for IT Support which not only includes Assets like Laptops, Routers, Desktops but also includes documentation, point of contact, etc. Fresh service provides an intelligent, right-sized service management solution for modern businesses of all sizes. It is easy to use, user-friendly tool.

It helps to provide prompt information of IT incidents to the connected teams so that they can promptly resolve the issue. Fresh service helps to construct the IT incident. It provides different features like Workflow Automator, Data Analytics, Incident Management.


When you come to the Fresh service Desk page then click on the Dashboard portal. There you can see many portals like Overdue tickets, Tickets, Open tickets, Tickets on Hold, Unassigned tickets, Unresolved tickets by Priority, Unresolved tickets by status and Incident by Agent. From these portals, you can find the tickets status as per the categories mentioned.

After the dashboard, there is a Ticket Portal. In the Ticket portal, you can find the tickets related information like status, state, priority. You can also check when the ticket is created and also the status of the closed ticket. After that, we have the Problem Portal in which you can create a problem related to the ticket and view all the problems related to the tickets. Then there is the Change portal, Release portal. You can use these portals as per the requirements is given.

When you come to the Admin portal there is a Field Manager portal. In the Field Manager portal, there is a Form Field portal under Form Field where you can also find options like Ticket fields, Problem Fields, Change Fields, Release Fields.

In the Ticket Field portal, you can see many fields like Search a Requester, Subject, Source, Status, Category, Alert State, Alert type, etc, where you can create a ticket if the ticket is not created and you can explore other portals as per requirement is given.


Analytics in Fresh service is used to bring out the internal reports for the IT service desk. Analytics is a metrics report management feature in the Fresh service tool.

With Analytics, you can pin widgets to a report for monitoring service desk performance. Analytics is used to create an interactive dashboard with the help of widgets. With the help of Analytics, you can add multiple widgets with drag and drop functions in a single fresh service report.

You can add multiple widgets by choosing the ticket module or looking for a specific ticket using the search bar. You can examine data with rich and interactive visualization and share that with a specific team or any agent. In fresh service desk analytics, you can share the generated reports to any appropriate users and group.


Workflow helps us to auto-assign tickets to the right person or a group. Workflow Automator helps to automate unvarying tasks and manual processes that you perform. It helps us to classify the tickets to the different teams. With the help of workflow Automator, you can route the tickets to the different teams.

For creating a workflow you can use the drag and drop option. When you create a New Automator, you can find different options like Ticket, Problems, Changes, Releases, Tasks, Assets. From these options, you can create a New Workflow Automator. Workflow Automator helps us to increase the Helpdesk productivity.


We got to know about the Fresh Service Desk, how it can be used. How we use Analytics and Workflow Automator in the Fresh Service Desk. Fresh Service desk mostly used in IT helpdesk firm for problem-solving and keeping the IT infrastructure alive. Fresh Service also helps us to onboard employees and formulate SLA policies to be used for organizational purposes.  It is a ticketing tool used to manage IT operations as well.

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