Introduction to Siege

Several factors play an important role in order to make a business succeed. One of them is its online presence in today’s world. In simple words, online presence means an informative and attractive web page. Web page/server are the mirror reflection of how successful a business is. It is crucial to have a stable web server as the performance of an application or a web server will define the user experience which will have a direct impact on business as well.

Now you must be thinking if a web page is so important, so it should be able to function efficiently when in use. The stability of a website is a matter of concern in case of an extreme situation which highlights the importance of testing the web server. By testing, we mean load testing and performance testing which will give stress to the website and tells its performance under stress.

Now you must be thinking testing will require a huge cost and effort for servers which sometimes makes us skip the testing phase. Let me help you in solving this doubt by introducing you to “Siege” which will make testing a simple and achievable task.

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