Cert-Manager Issuer for Cross-Account Route 53 [ EKS ]

Cert-Manager is a very powerful tool when we talk about managing TLS certificates & issuers and no other tool comes near the Cert-Manager for kubernetes in terms of open source, visibility, documentation, installation option, integration, and many more. Even with the same account or cross-account option, there is a direct integration option provided by cert-manager CRDs. This will lead to ease of setting of certificates and managing those created certificates.


For this session/blog, we are going to use ACME certificates [or Let’s encrypt certificates] using DNS01 challenger.

Before setting up we need to have the clarity of account and their functionality.



NOTE: For the same account, you can use serviceaccount to make a call through OIDC To AWS IAM Role.

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Understanding Ansible: Helm diff plugin

Helm is one of the important tools for managing resources for Kubernetes. When we talk about large-scale helm manageability, there is a requirement for another tool through which we can manage helm deployments. There can be multiple options through which we can manage Helm but Ansible gives more flexibility to manage Helm deployments. Not only flexibility, but Ansible consists of many features and core Kubernetes modules through which we can manage Helm deployments.

Having a large variety of Kubernetes core modules, Ansible is not only for Helm deployments but also helps to manage Kubernetes and can be used to manipulate other kinds of commands.

This Blog is not about the basics of helm & Ansible management but about one of the important features which is the validate & dry-run option in Ansible for Helm deployments.

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Google Python API: The easy way

When life gives you APIs, just automate it. 🙂

As a developer or tech geek, when technology is part of your lifestyle or work, we definitely look forward to exploring all developer things. APIs & libraries are one of the important things we generally look for.

Why is it so? Because, when we use that specific technology on a daily basis, we definitely want to automate most of the things. For that, we try to explore its functional part just to make our work easy. We can use that functional part [ API/Library ], to make an automation script or application.

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Kubernetes: DaemonSet

Kubernetes is one of the widely used orchestration tools for container application and container management. With a variety of features and options, it helps organizations remove manual intervention at every stage. With lots of requirements & scenarios, the user or any organization deals with lots of Kubernetes resources types options which leads to having proper knowledge of every Kubernetes resources type to fit specific or combination of resources with different scenarios that organizations generally require. To know more about different Kubernetes resource types, you can visit the official documentation provided by Kubernetes.

This blog will cover one of the Kubernetes resources which are only used for a specific use-case. There are multiple resources where we can leverage those resources at specific use-case, but for now, we are only focusing on DaemonSet which is very important and has a unique functionality that we cannot cover by using another pod controller.

cute daemon
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