What, Why and How of CTF Challenges?

What is CTF?

Capture The Flag challenge, better known as CTF, is an Information Security competition that requires contestants to exploit a machine or piece of code to extract specific pieces of text that may be hidden in a web page or a server known as the flag. It can comprise of many challenges across various genres such as Reverse Engineering, Networks and Protocols, Programming, Crypto, Web Security, Exploits, etc. All these puzzles have just one goal, capture the flag! 

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Recap Amrita InCTF 2019 | Part 1

Amrita InCTF 10th Edition, is an offline CTF(Capture the Flag) event hosted by Amrita university at their Amritapuri campus 10 KM away from Kayamkulam in Kerala, India. In this year’s edition two people from Opstree got invited to the final round after roughly two months of solving challenges online. The dates for the final rounds were 28th,29th and 30th December 2019. The first two days comprised of talks by various people from the industry and the third day was kept for the final competition. In the upcoming three blog series starting now, we’d like to share all the knowledge, experiences and learning from this three day event.

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