VPN Services Comparison- How to find the best VPN for your business?

VPNs are a great way to securely connect your private networks. They are even used to mask your public IP, so that you can access a public server without getting traced. There are a number of VPN offerings in the market ranging from open-source to proprietary software, self-managed to VPN-as-a-service, and with a huge range of features.

I recently got an assignment to get the best offering in the market. Best is a vague term. An Open-source VPN covering all the basic functionalities can be best for a simple implementation . Or a proprietary VPN having a lot of simplicity and customisation can be best for a medium or high budget implementation. So, I decided to compare different offerings in the market. Complete open-source VPNs are out of the scope.

Here are the things I kept in my mind before starting:

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