Learn everything about Amazon Cloudfront

Before going to Cloudfront functionality, we need to understand the CDN (Content delivery network) first, as Cloudfront is nothing but just a FAAS  (functions as a service) platform provided by AWS, which we generally relate to the content delivery network(Cloudfront) in AWS cloud service provider.

CDN(Content Delivery Network)

A CDN is kind of a geographically distributed group of servers that are attached so that they can communicate with each other and provide fast delivery of any content such as HTML pages, images, videos, etc. The popularity of CDN services is continuously growing among organizations such as Netflix, Facebook, and Amazon as their major web traffic is served through CDN.

Now, let’s take a deep understanding of how CDN works in the AWS Cloudfront service.

We could think of a CDN as an ATM. Having a cash machine on practically every corner makes it fast, immediate access, and efficient to get money. There’s no wait time in long bank lines to get our money in hand.

In today’s time, a large portion of all internet content is delivered through CDNs. Here is a simple example:

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