2022 – A year of Incredible Firsts!

Our journey began in 2014 – to become a reliable DevOps, Cloud, and Security partner and 2022 has proved to be a very significant part of that continuum.  It was very heartening to experience the trust of very large, medium and small enterprises reposed on us throughout the year. I want to sincerely thank our customers/partners who Rely on Us for their Cloud, DevOps and Security outcomes. Some large retailers, established and emerging Fintechs, Superapps, and One of the Fortune 10 companies, amongst many others – this overwhelming trust and validation makes us much more confident and ready to further cement our position as a DevOps leader in 2023. 

In 2022 we saw an increasing trend of enterprises and large customers, expecting us to take complete ownership of their systems. They expected us to take care of both BAU and R&D work streams and deliver business-critical outcomes. I want to thank our people for stepping up beyond expectations. As a result of the team’s zeal, passion, and professionalism, we were able to deliver very promising results in a very short time leading to robust customer satisfaction and confidence. Our Leaders (Growth Partners and Consulting Partners) have played a pivotal role in making us immensely successful in this arena.

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OpsTree, OpsTree Labs & BuildPiper: Our Short Story…

short story on Opstree, Opstree Labs and Buildpiper

It’s been more than 6 years since we began the evolution Journey called OpsTree. What a Journey it has been, we cannot thank God and the co-travellers more!! 

In 2014 we realized – Cloud and DevOps had arisen in the IT landscape while the industry was still waking up to it. We decided to wake up early and be ready and equipped – aspiring that industry could “Rely on us” – to navigate them comfortably in the realm DevSecOps. 

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