A Quick Overview of Kubernetes Architecture!

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration platform used for running distributed applications and services at scale. Also known as “k8s” or “kube”, Kubernetes helps in automating manual and tedious activities involved in managing, deploying and scaling containerized applications.

Here’s a quick overview of Kubernetes architecture, its components and how they interact with each other. Let’s read this brief Kubernetes architecture explanation to learn and explore more on the different components of Kubernetes and how its components work together.

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BuildPiper- The ideal Kubernetes & Microservices Application Delivery Platform for your Business!

The need for “Managed Kubernetes”!

Just by looking at the Kubernetes architecture diagram, one can easily make out how difficult and cumbersome it is to deploy a Kubernetes cluster. Here is how Managed Kubernetes comes into the picture. The need for Managed Kubernetes arises when enterprises face challenges while deploying Kubernetes.

Managed Kubernetes helps to overcome the difficulties of deploying Kubernetes that arises due to the complex Kubernetes architecture. So, in order to manage the complete setup, operation, execution, and deployment of a Kubernetes cluster, enterprises assign third-party services to overcome the complex challenges of deploying Kubernetes.

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The Rise of Service Mesh!

What is a Service Mesh?

A service mesh helps in monitoring and controlling how different parts of an application share data with each other. It is a configurable infrastructure layer that is built right into the app. This visible dedicated infrastructure layer can track and record how well the different parts of an app are interacting. This helps in identifying issues and making it easier to optimize communication and avoid downtime as an app grows. A service mesh ensures that the communication among the services within the containerized infrastructure is fast, reliable, and secure.

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What are Helm Charts?

Helm is a stalwart element in the Kubernetes ecosystem. It is a package manager for Kubernetes that helps in application deployment by packaging all resources that are needed for a seamless Kubernetes deployment.
Here, we talk about what are helm charts and what benefits they offer.

Helm Charts in Kubernetes

A Helm chart is a collection of YAML template files that are organized into a specific directory structure. Helm Charts are similar to DEB and RPM files. Since they are text-based, helm charts are versionable and simple to maintain using SCM tools.

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5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid when Migrating to Microservices!

77% of the total respondents in a survey had adopted Microservices, with 92% experiencing success with Microservices, says a report

Microservices have become a standard approach for enterprise app development and many newly built applications are natively adopting its core principles. But migrating business apps to the cloud isn’t as easy as it sounds to be.

Here are 5 common pitfalls that can hinder the migration process.

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