Alerting Through Azure Logic Apps

As we know alerting is the most crucial part of any infrastructure, and it becomes even more challenging when our infrastructure grows since we cannot monitor everything every time. Every client wants to get notified by their own alerting system before their customer reaches out to them and informs “Hey this service is not working or I am not able to access XYZ service“.

Alerting helps to ensure that the system remains healthy, responsive, and secure. It’s an important part of any system that makes performance, availability, and efficiency high. An operator might need to be notified of the event that triggers the alert.

We can set up alerts in many ways, but in this blog, I will be focussing on setting up alerting through azure logic apps.

Azure provides multiple options to send an alert to the end user, maybe through email, Slack, Pagerduty, SMS, etc. In this blog, I will be explaining the way to send an alert through email, Slack, and Pagerduty.

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ServiceNow Integration with Azure Alerts – Step By Step Setup

Topics Breakdown

  1. Introduction and relevance of this Integration
  2. Steps of Setup 
  3. Execution Flow Diagram 
  4. ServiceNow Setup Part 
  5. Azure Logic App Creation Part
    A. Using ServiceNow Connector (Method 1)
    B. Using HTTP Connector (Method 2)
    C. Alert Action Group Creation 
  6. Testing and Validation of Setup
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