Canary vs Blue-Green Deployment- Which one should you choose?

Read here to know which process should your team choose for a smooth and quick product release.

What is Canary Deployment?

Canary deployment is a technique to reduce the risk of updating software or introducing new changes in the production environment by slowly rolling out the change to a small subset of users before making the software functional for everyone.


Canary deployments provide the following benefits to businesses.

  • Allows enterprises to test in production with real users and use cases.
  • Enables comparison of different service versions side by side.
  • Cheaper than blue-green deployments because it does not require two production environments.
  • DevOps team can rapidly and safely trigger a rollback to a previous version of an application.


  • Scripting a canary release can be complex as manual verification or testing can sometimes become time-consuming.
  • Monitoring and instrumentation for testing in production may involve exhaustive research and additional skills & knowledge.
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