When not to think of Canary Deployment?

Read here to know more about the ideal scenarios when enterprises and DevOps teams should not consider Canary Deployment for their product release.

Canary deployments support the incremental release of the software components, it allows features to be updated/rolled out in phases. It is a technique to reduce the risk of bringing in an update in production by slowly rolling out the changes to a small subset of users before allowing users to access it.

Here, in this blog, we’ve discussed the various scenarios when teams should not consider implementing Canary release deployment. But, before we dive into this, let’s discuss what all does the DevOps teams require for executing a Canary deployment strategy.

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Canary vs Blue-Green Deployment- Which one should you choose?

Read here to know which process should your team choose for a smooth and quick product release.

What is Canary Deployment?

Canary deployment is a technique to reduce the risk of updating software or introducing new changes in the production environment by slowly rolling out the change to a small subset of users before making the software functional for everyone.


Canary deployments provide the following benefits to businesses.

  • Allows enterprises to test in production with real users and use cases.
  • Enables comparison of different service versions side by side.
  • Cheaper than blue-green deployments because it does not require two production environments.
  • DevOps team can rapidly and safely trigger a rollback to a previous version of an application.


  • Scripting a canary release can be complex as manual verification or testing can sometimes become time-consuming.
  • Monitoring and instrumentation for testing in production may involve exhaustive research and additional skills & knowledge.
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A Detailed Guide to Canary Deployments!

While building enterprise applications, you want to ensure that your customers have a bug-free user experience. Since bugs show up whenever a new code is deployed, your deployment process should be set up to identify bugs at an advanced stage before these bugs can affect your users. 

Here’s how canary deployment comes into the picture and takes care of everything to enable a seamless and bug-free app release ensuring a flawless experience for your users. Learn and know more about Canary deployment,  its different stages, the benefits of implementing canary deployments and how they are different from blue-green deployments on AWS and ECS, here in this blog. Let’s take a look!

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