5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid when Migrating to Microservices!

77% of the total respondents in a survey had adopted Microservices, with 92% experiencing success with Microservices, says a report

Microservices have become a standard approach for enterprise app development and many newly built applications are natively adopting its core principles. But migrating business apps to the cloud isn’t as easy as it sounds to be.

Here are 5 common pitfalls that can hinder the migration process.

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What makes BuildPiper the most sought-after DevSecOps Platform for Managing Microservices?

BuildPiper– with its incredible functionalities, is the perfect platform that enterprises and DevOps teams need today for seamless, secure and scalable Microservices management and to overcome complex Microservices challenges.

With interesting features and functionalities enabling seamless Kubernetes deployment with complete observability and hassle-free setup of CI/CD pipelines, businesses can rely on this platform for security, scalability and reliability. By providing 10X reduced time to market, BuildPiper allows enterprises to focus on improving their business outcomes.

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BuildPiper- The most powerful DevSecOps Platform to Manage Microservices!

Enterprises both big and small are looking for ways to leverage the amazing benefits of Microservices. Little do they know about the complex Microservices challenges that they have to face after adopting this style of architecture.

So, before you plan to migrate to Microservices architecture, it’s important to have a strategy in place to overcome Microservices challenges. But if you’ve adopted Microservices without a chalked out plan, then what?

Enterprises need a robust platform for managing Microservices in a secure, scalable and compliant manner. In such a scenario, BuildPiper– as a robust Microservices DevSecOps platform can help.

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Top 5 Microservices CI/CD Tools to Look Out for!

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment or CI/CD has become a key cornerstone for building, testing, and deploying applications across environments these days. Here, we talk about the popular build & deploy tools being used in the industry today, that are centred around microservices application delivery. Take a look!

While Continuous Integration helps to mitigate the risks and enables a quick and seamless code release by automating multiple code changes from different developers of the project. On the other hand, Continuous Deployment enables DevOps teams to deliver the integrated code to production seamlessly, thus providing a quick and effective automated process to release new features and updates to customers without much hassles.

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Major DevOps Practices To Consider While Implementing Microservices

Consider these DevOps practices for rapid application delivery, seamless management of Microservices, and hassle-free product release.

Enterprises both big and small, are focusing on modernizing applications and implementing Microservices architectures to boost their businesses’ agility and productivity. Enterprises are competing against tighter time-to-market windows than ever before. Seeing how mercurial many markets have become now, there’s no time to waste when you have to create customer-facing applications that serve prospects and customers better than your competitors.

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