An Introduction to Service Mesh Architecture!

In its 2020 Cloud-Native Survey most recent report, The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) found that the use of service mesh in production jumped 50% in the last year. 

You can read about Service Mesh, the benefits of deploying a Service Mesh, and ISTIO architecture, here in the given links!
The Benefits of Deploying a Service Mesh
An Introduction to ISTIO Service Mesh & its Architecture!

With the popularization of microservices architectures, there has emerged the need of using a Service Mesh. The use of Service mesh in Kubernetes is the most thought-after step to overcome security and networking challenges obstructing Kubernetes deployment and container adoption. 

Let’s read and explore more on Service Mesh, its architecture, components and popular solutions for service meshes, here in this article. Here, we’ll know talk about,

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