How to Setup SSO in Jenkins?


Providing OAuth 2.0 user authentication directly or using Google+ Sign-in helps us to achieve a modern authentication method. It also provides a trusted and secure login system that’s familiar to users, consistent across devices, and removes the burden of users having to remember another username and password. One of the hurdles in implementing a Gmail authentication is that the Google developer console and your  Jenkins server should be in the same network or in simple terms they can talk to each other.

What is SSO ?

SSO stands for Single Sign-On, which is a method of authentication that allows users to access multiple applications and services with a single set of login credentials.

With SSO, users are only required to enter their login credentials once, and they can then access all the applications and services that are part of the SSO system. This simplifies the authentication process, improves user experience, and reduces the risk of security breaches.

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