Jenkins vs Azure DevOps

The world of DevOps is incomplete without ‘Continuous Integration’ and ‘Continuous Deployment’ after all these are among the building blocks of the methodology. When we talk about CI/CD the first name that comes to most peoples’ notice is Jenkins, one of the oldest and most flourished CI/CD tool in existence, however, there is one more name that’s picking up the pace as we talk, Azure DevOps, formerly known as Team Foundation Server. In this blog, we will see a detailed comparison of these two players and which one is your best fit.

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Optimize Java 8 with Docker

The majority of businesses now are using Docker to run applications. They devote a lot of time, energy, and resources to stabilize their success and invest heavily in a variety of advanced observation techniques. Despite this, they are experiencing poor performance and the containers are being stressed as a result of the heavy traffic flow. The motive of this blog is to help those running Java applications on docker containers in getting optimal performance.

A lot of times people complain that the application does not seem to be running as well as it did on the server. Here are some things to keep in mind when running a Java program on Docker.

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Patching – BigBulls Game


In this fast competitive world, everyone is trying to compete with others whether it’s humans or machines. Everyone wants to be fast and one step ahead of others. So, in order to keep pace with the ever-changing technology, you need to keep yourself updated which requires basic training. Also, persevering will make you better day by day.

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Analyzing Latest WhatsApp Scam Leaking S3 Bucket

This is a quick blog about an amazon scam going on WhatsApp. In search of data, I found the S3 bucket which is publicly available. Since these scammers use victims’ data for personal use, I will be using their data for personal research.

Let’s begin the story of how it was possible to find data of scammers. This data may not contain the personal details of attackers but it can help to analyze the coding pattern and different source codes which are used by this group for multiple phishing attacks. Here I have mentioned two links there are chances that many more links are present.

Do not visit or click on the link and submit personal information.

Received the link in the WhatsApp group about the recent phishing scam.

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Create Your First Helm Chart (Part 03)

Bonjour! So we’ve had our minikube cluster up and running and tried setting up MySQL application onto our cluster using publicly available Helm Charts in our previous blog. In case, you haven’t, I suggest you go through the link before reading this blog.

This guide walks us through the process of creating our first-ever chart, explaining what goes inside these packages and the tools we use to develop them. By the end of it we should have an understanding of the advantages of using and creating our Helm Charts to deliver our own applications to the K8s cluster.


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