Monthly Newsletter (September’21)

We have always worked towards continuously enhancing our capabilities and expertise across Microservices, Kubernetes, Cloud & DevSecOps. Here, in this newsletter, we’re excited to share our learnings and experiences with these technologies!

What’s Trending!

Blog ‘The 3 tools that you need for your AWS deployments’

How can Packer and Terraform remarkably reduce the overhead of revising the pre-configured golden AMIs ?. Is it possible?… The answer is yes, it is. Now let’s understand how it’s made possible? Read the full article

Open-source ‘Druid Exporter’

A Prometheus listed opensource tool from OpsTree, a Golang based exporter that captures druid API-related metrics and receives druid-emitting HTTP JSON data. Go ahead leverage the opportunity!

Watch Our K8s Secret Managment Mini Workshop On YouTube

Hear from our Thought Leaders

5 Common Pitfalls To Avoid When Migrating To Microservices!

Everyone in the industry is right now adopting Microservices. But not all of them are finding it successful. What could have possibly gone wrong? Is it the migration of business apps to the cloud that’s creating the hindrance?

Need Easy Filtration Of Data – Try JSON

JSON is considered as the default output format by cloud giants like AWS. Why is it so? Is it because JSON has redefined the filtration of structured and unstructured data formats or is there something more about JSON?



How To Write An Effective Docker File

Saturday, September 18th, 10 AM IST

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