BuildPiper- The ideal Kubernetes & Microservices Application Delivery Platform for your Business!

The need for “Managed Kubernetes”!

Just by looking at the Kubernetes architecture diagram, one can easily make out how difficult and cumbersome it is to deploy a Kubernetes cluster. Here is how Managed Kubernetes comes into the picture. The need for Managed Kubernetes arises when enterprises face challenges while deploying Kubernetes.

Managed Kubernetes helps to overcome the difficulties of deploying Kubernetes that arises due to the complex Kubernetes architecture. So, in order to manage the complete setup, operation, execution, and deployment of a Kubernetes cluster, enterprises assign third-party services to overcome the complex challenges of deploying Kubernetes.

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Due to the intricacies present inside the Kubernetes architecture, deploying a Kubernetes cluster becomes more difficult. To resolve complex challenges that enterprises have to face during Kubernetes deployment, the DevOps team at OpsTree came up with a powerful and reliable Kubernetes & Microservices Management platform- BuildPiper, to enable seamless, secured, scalable and compliant Kubernetes deployment.

With “Managed Kubernetes” which is one of the core functionalities of this product, BuildPiper makes the Kubernetes cluster-Microservices application ready!

Here are some of the other out-of-the-box functionalities,

Seamless Cluster Creation
Setting up a new Kubernetes cluster in a seamless manner and hassle-free onboarding of an existing cluster.

Namespace/ Ingress Management
Easy creation of Ingress, Namespaces, Config Maps, Secrets. This can be done through a Guided UI or by uploading the Manifest file via Gitops.

Security Tools
Easy and production-grade setup of supporting tools for security such as Hashicorp Vault, Consul, Sonar, Istio, Nginx from a single, centralized console.

Monitoring & Log Management Tools
Hassle-free and enterprise-grade setup of Monitoring tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, Alert Manager and Log Management tools such as ElasticSearch, Fluentd, and Kibana.

360-degree Cluster Observability
Easy and seamless configuration, maintenance and management of K8s cluster with deep insights and 360-degree observability. Because of the complex Kubernetes architecture, it is difficult to view different parts of the cluster.

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RBAC based safe and compliant interface for K8s Operations and access control management.

Kubernetes Dashboard
Detailed cluster monitoring via a feature-rich and user-friendly Kubernetes dashboard.

AWS Cluster Creation
Highly secure creation of AWS cluster that conforms to AWS & CIS benchmarks driven security standards and practices by default.

AWS Spot Instances
Cost Optimised setup with an added advantage to leverage AWS Spot Instances during AWS cluster creation.

Start/Stop/Cloning an Environment
Quick and hassle-free modification and cloning of the build & deploy details from an already created environment.

Cost Optimization with Spot Instances
Allowing DevOps teams to use spot instances for running containerized workloads.

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With BuildPiper, enterprises can empower their DevOps team with an end-to-end Kubernetes & Microservices Application Delivery Platform that enables more than 10X reduced time & investments required on your Kubernetes & microservices Journey, along with the ability to run zero-touch, fully-automated & secured CI/CD pipelines.

Explore BuildPiper and its other core functionalities such as Microservices Management, Security, Compliance & Observability along with Secure CI/CD Pipelines setup for your use cases. Schedule a demo today!

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We’ll come again with a complete Kubernetes architecture explanation along with a Kubernetes architecture ppt in our forthcoming blog. HAPPY READING, till then!

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