2022 – A year of Incredible Firsts!

Our journey began in 2014 – to become a reliable DevOps, Cloud, and Security partner and 2022 has proved to be a very significant part of that continuum.  It was very heartening to experience the trust of very large, medium and small enterprises reposed on us throughout the year. I want to sincerely thank our customers/partners who Rely on Us for their Cloud, DevOps and Security outcomes. Some large retailers, established and emerging Fintechs, Superapps, and One of the Fortune 10 companies, amongst many others – this overwhelming trust and validation makes us much more confident and ready to further cement our position as a DevOps leader in 2023. 

In 2022 we saw an increasing trend of enterprises and large customers, expecting us to take complete ownership of their systems. They expected us to take care of both BAU and R&D work streams and deliver business-critical outcomes. I want to thank our people for stepping up beyond expectations. As a result of the team’s zeal, passion, and professionalism, we were able to deliver very promising results in a very short time leading to robust customer satisfaction and confidence. Our Leaders (Growth Partners and Consulting Partners) have played a pivotal role in making us immensely successful in this arena.

2022 also proved to be the year of more visibility and alliances. We worked more closely with AWS and solved some very interesting client problems, similarly we partnered with New Relic for some very challenging POCs. Interestingly, some very reputed VCs and SIs showed strategic interest in participating in our growth journey, which made us feel very happy and proud. While we have not actively pursued those discussions in 2022, we have earmarked 2023 as the year of inorganic growth for OpsTree and its subsidiaries.

Any organization has some very fundamental pillars – Sales & Marketing being essential one of them. While we have been growing largely through strong references so far, this year was instrumental in structuring our Sales and Marketing team, under the leadership of Arpit Jain. While the sales team was ramping up, I am happy that they have already started contributing significantly to our growth with some big wins. Our Marketing team keeps surprising me with our unique content-first approach, whenever I visit LinkedIn, Twitter, or multiple other such platforms. These two teams together grant us the freedom to choose our work better and navigate our journey at the pace we want. This has been one of the biggest internal function successes of OpsTree and as a result of this newfound confidence, OpsTree has registered an entity in the US – OpsTree LLC. 2023 should be the year of physical growth in the US.

We closed 2023 with a 260+ people team and I want to congratulate our HR team and Account Management team under the leadership of Yogesh Batish for this exceptional feat. This year was saddled by two-pronged problems. On one end the HR team was facing myriad people’s heightened expectations and on the other end the Account Management team was facing business uncertainties, cost pressures, and the indecisiveness of customers. Under such extremely contrary circumstances, both teams have worked with great dedication and passion to ensure consistent growth while still enhancing the quality of our people’s engagement and quality delivery for our customers. This is a commendable achievement and makes all of us feel very proud.

We are a tech delivery focussed company and may be overly passionate about technology! That at times leads to a disproportionate focus on Tech. Therefore, I consciously delayed the tech highlights to the end. This year, we have made significantly more investments for the tech prowess enhancement of our people, leading to maintaining the niche edge we have across the industry. Our open-source contributions, our blogs, and the resulting thought leadership are a testament to our commitment to this. 

Our investment in open-source contributions have started delivering results. It takes time, we all know, but it took less time than we expected. Our Redis Operator has become the default Operator choice for many Redis users in the industry. Bug fix requests, pull requests, star ratings, and so on, our open source team has been busy. Requests for professional services around the operator have also started to pour in. This makes us ecstatic and inspires us to do more. Our logging operator has been mentioned in the Azure official documentation for setting up logging in Azure Openshift managed service. Our list of open-source contributions is very long and we intend to enhance our focus in this area. Under the able leadership of Sandeep Rawat and assisted well by Abhishek Dubey, our open-source contributions will become even more powerful and better.

In summary, I want to thank the almighty with my heart full of gratitude, to bestow us with yet another bountiful year full of valuable experiences and growth, even during these challenging macro-environmental conditions. 

  • We achieved the consistent team and revenue growth, leading to a 260+ strong team, while remaining laser focussed on Cloud, DevOps and Security outcomes.
  • Some very large enterprises and global fortune companies reposing their faith in us along with the broader Cloud & DevOps ecosystem players, partnering with us for collaborative client outcomes. 
  • Our multi-faceted business expansion with:
    • A new entity OpsTee Labs, to provide a dedicated focus on BuildPiper and other incubating products at OpsTree.
    • A new company MyGurukulam Learning to cull out the already running DevOps Ninja Program into a full-blown skilling/re-skilling edtech initiative, focused on addressing the much problematic tech skill gap in the industry.
    • Set up an entity in the US – OpsTree LLC
    • Interest and attention from a few global and Indian marquee investors and digital transformation companies. 
  • Established a mature and fully functional Sales and Marketing team along with our Account management team – altogether enabling us to be on track with our 60% Y-o-Y growth projections this financial year.

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